Termite Protection

At Wise Choice we offer the most comprehensive termite protection policies available. We know what severe termite damage can mean for your home and your family. Termites cause over $5 Billion in damages American homes each year. In Tennessee, where there are roughly 10 active termite colonies per square acre, it is not a question of if termites will be active on your property, but a question of when.

At Wise Choice we recommend preventive treatment and maintenance for termites. With our Perimeter Plus Preventive Termite Protection Plan you will receive highest quality treatment with the highest quality products. This will cost significantly less than what you would pay for a full remedial termite treatment, in addition to being safer for your family, your home and the environment. Preventive treatments require us to introduce less chemical into the environment and will earn you an equal Termite Protection Guarantee.

We also offer a Full Comprehensive Termite Treatment for homes with signs of termite activity or evidence of prior termite treatments. These treatments are designed to eliminate the termites from your home from multiple angles and protect your home from future infestation. Most homes will then qualify for our full Termite Protection Guarantee.

At Wise Choice we understand that you deserve to receive the highest value for your dollar, so in addition to our comprehensive annual renewal inspection we also differentiate our service by providing our customers with an annual booster treatment during your annual renewal inspection. We also offer great bundling programs with our Wise Approach Pest Control Program to provide you with a superior value.

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