Specialized Pest Services

At Wise Choice Pest Control we understand that not every home has the same pest issues. There is no effective "one size fits all" approach to Pest Control in Tennessee. The summers are hot and humid and provide an excellent environment for pests to thrive, creating very high pest pressure. Every home we treat we take great care to provide a service especially tailored to your home. Here is a list of the specialized services that we offer at Wise Choice Pest Control:

What's bugging you?


Brown Recluse Spiders:

Brown recluse spiders are very common in Middle Tennessee. Their bites are necrotic, meaning they can cause severe tissue damage. They can take over a home quickly and paralyze a homeowner with fear for their family. We treat your home from all the angles, top to bottom, to keep you and your family free from harm.

Flea and Tick Control:

If you are worried about your pets or children being bitten by these harbingers of sickness we offer a full interior and exterior flea and tick service that will keep your pets and children flea and tick free. We recommend timing this service with a full flea treatment recommended by your veterinarian. This treatment is most effective if you and your neighbors are all on board so that we can achieve maximum results. Refer a Neighbor

Chigger Control:

Chigger bites can itch for weeks! Contrary to popular belief chiggers do not burrow into your skin, but instead the tube used to suck your blood actually breaks off in your skin and is left there until your body is able to break it down, which can take days to weeks and resulting in a painful itch! We can help to reduce the amount of chiggers in your yard with a combination liquid and granular full yard and grass treatment. This treatment is most effective if you and your neighbors are all on board so that we can achieve maximum results. Refer a Neighbor (Link to Refer Us page)

Carpenter Bee Control:

If carpenter bees are eating up your deck, shed or eaves we have a comprehensive 3 step treatment process that will rid you of the problem and fill the unsightly holes.

Mice and Rats:

Did you know that an adult mouse can squeeze through a hole 1/4 inch in diameter?! We work with you to identify potential entry ppoints and fill them with a long lasting product in addition to providing you with corrective solutions such as bait, traps and glue-boards.

German Cockroach:

Roaches breed quickly and are very difficult to eradicate, that is why you have us! Roaches can even thrive in a clean home, even eating the glue off of wallpaper to survive! Call us today to learn about the Wise Approach to eliminating the pest of pests from your home.

Bed Bugs:

Bed bug infestations have increased by 500% in the last 10 years. They can hitch a ride into your home on you or your luggage from almost anywhere. Hotels, airplanes, subways, trains, buses, movie theaters, schools or neighbors! At Wise Choice we understand the life cycles of bedbugs, and with our comprehensive bed bug treatments we can rid you of the problem for good.

Carpenter Ants:

Unlike termites carpenter ants don't eat wood, but instead create homes in the wood of your home. They can, however, cause substantial damage to your home. They hollow out wood to live in and clean out the frass through small holes, and this is how we can find them! If you see finely shaven wood containing small insect parts don't wait! Call us today!

Pantry Moths:

If you are seeing small moths flying around a food storage area, you might have moths in a grain or rice. They are a nuisance, and they can destroy a lot of good food product very quickly. We understand that the key to eliminating these moths is discarding any infested material, ensuring susceptible food material is kept in moth-proof containers and then setting bait traps for the adult moths. Call us today to start the process for you immediately!

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